[ fragrance descriptions ]

  • honey almond...smooth, soft sweet

  • freesia...fresh, summery floral

  • green tea...brisk, zen, aromatic, green

  • laurel...herbaceous, citrus

  • lavender...herbaceous, comforting, classic.

  • lemongrass...clean, energizing, citrus

  • lime zest...sparkling, zing

  • linden...bright, sunny floral

  • milk...delicate, white floral with creamy milk notes

  • peony...subtle, powdery, romantic

  • rose petal...classic, full bloom rose

  • rosemary mint...fresh, herbaceous rosemary, mint

  • sage...sweet, herbal scent

  • sea salt...airy, marine, aquatic

  • starflower...sparkling, fruity, floral

  • verbena...citrus, tropical, rejuvenating

  • white gardenia...white, classic, floral

You can purchase a 3-month, 6-month, or 12 month subscription for yourself or as a gift and pay each month or in full.

See a fragrance that won't work for you?   Give it as a gift to a special friend or contact us before it is shipped for a substitution.  

[ sampler ]

This three-month plan features the most popular fragrances:  lavender, milk and verbena.

[ classic ]

The twelve-month plan features:  lavender, milk, verbena, honey almond, sage, laurel, sea salt, green tea, lime zest, linden, lemongrass and rosemary mint.

[ deluxe ]

This six-month plan features:  lavender, milk, verbena, honey almond, sage, and laurel.

[ floral plan ]

The twelve-month floral plan features lavender, white gardenia, rose petal, starflower, freesia and peony. This selection will rotate two times though the year.

[ personalized ]

This plan can be purchased for three, six, or twelve months.  Create your own collection from the 17 soaps that are in-stock!​